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Meet the New House

During our Real Estate search and rescue mission we were referring to this property as ‘The Poop and Pee House’ for what I thought were obvious reasons until my friend Karen said, “Oh no, does it smell like poop and pee?” … Continue reading

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The Neuzel Project Part Deux

Sorry for the absence if anyone is still following….In the months since my ‘For Sale’ post we’ve been busy busy busy.  In addition to keeping this little mister alive and happy… …We sold our house FSBO which was a really great … Continue reading

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Message in a bottle, um wall.

I started writing this post a year ago and apparently never got around to hitting publish. oops. Last weekend (so a year and a weekend ago) we finished the 3rd bedroom and final room of our house.  Casey framed out … Continue reading

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Bathroom Remodel: Replace the Ceiling

We got this party started last weekend! It takes some logistical prowess when remodeling your ONLY bathroom because we can’t just go gutting the entire space since we do enjoy things like showering and, well showering. So we are taking … Continue reading

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