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The Homemade Concrete Table

Out of all the things we’ve done to, or done in our house the thing that gets the most chatter is our homemade concrete table.  So without further adieu  our 400 pound table and how to make one yourself…. Step 1. Find a sturdy, … Continue reading

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The Neuzel Color Pallet

Perusing my favorite blog and internet idols site, Young House Love, I came across this post that got me thinking what all my house colors looked like together.  I mean, I can walk around my house and look at the walls, duh.  But, it … Continue reading

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Let the showering begin!

Two weeks of showering at work and washing my hair in the kitchen sink has come to an end!  The Neuman’s have a shower and phase 2 of the bathroom is donezo! Here’s where we started last weekend – adding … Continue reading

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Bathroom Check-in

Here’s where we are at…. I feel like we’re camping in our house…. Progress: Removed all the walls, sealed up cracks and replaced some framing Casey replaced all the plumbing.  He was so happy, it was adorable.  Apparently, Casey was intimidated by … Continue reading

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Message in a bottle, um wall.

I started writing this post a year ago and apparently never got around to hitting publish. oops. Last weekend (so a year and a weekend ago) we finished the 3rd bedroom and final room of our house.  Casey framed out … Continue reading

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A Year in Review

My resolution is to start blogging and documenting my life more.  Going back through my posts (the few of them there were) it was great to be reminded how much a year can hold! January 2012 Put the finishing touches … Continue reading

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