Bathroom Remodel: Replace the Ceiling

We got this party started last weekend!


I guess my eyes aren’t as important as Casey’s.

It takes some logistical prowess when remodeling your ONLY bathroom because we can’t just go gutting the entire space since we do enjoy things like showering and, well showering. So we are taking this project one baby step at a time and the first step was pulling out the old ceiling to replace the dated and gross drywall and ceiling fan/light.

You probably have that nice Pink Panther easy to remove insulation in your attic.  Not us.  We are blessed to have sprayed in insulation that I’m sure is home to a plethora of nasty critters.  When we were locked in the bathroom tearing down the ceiling and this toxic, rodent wonderland was raining down on us, Casey wouldn’t let me take pictures – he was all business.  So I snapped this after the fact of our attic so you can see what was falling down on us.  Gross!


This raining down on me is my idea of a good Saturday!

In the span of an hour we went from this –


Room all prepped for destruction

To this.  Not bad.


Clean slate


With no ceiling your rooms feel huge. Too bad it’s not practical…

Casey had to rewire in the new ceiling fan (which works amazing, what a difference!) and I stuffed in new insulation, the Pink Panther kind!  Next, we hung the new drywall.  Holding drywall up over your head while shimmying it into place = best shoulder workout ever.

And now we have this – phase 1 complete, yo!


Half way


Completed ceiling!

We still need to mud and tape it, but we’ll do that once the new walls go up as well.

Next phase: tear down walls for new drywall, put in new tub, and tile the tub surround.  That one will be a doozie and may involve a couple hose showers.


About The Neuzel Project

Neuzel is the combination of Neuman and Benzel. Now that Casey and I have been married for 3 years, we could probably be the Neuman Project, but I still love the time we were the Neuzels so it will remain.
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