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Bathroom Remodel: Replace the Ceiling

We got this party started last weekend! It takes some logistical prowess when remodeling your ONLY bathroom because we can’t just go gutting the entire space since we do enjoy things like showering and, well showering. So we are taking … Continue reading

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Bathroom Remodel Part 1

I can’t believe I’m putting our bathroom on the inter-webs   But here goes. We are FINALLY ready to start on the bathroom remodel   Why we saved this project for last I don’t know.  I do know – money and its going to … Continue reading

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The greatest sewing feat to date, and the completed office.

To date, I’ve been able to manage sewing a straight (using the word straight loosely) line. So I’ve hammered out some drapes and a couple pillows.  But recently, I conquered the Roman Shade!  Which technically is just a bunch of straight lines too, … Continue reading

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