Bedroom Business

Heyo! 2 posts in 1 week!

Because I don’t have much going on – wedding planning, sports, school, work and an overall packed summer, I have an undying urge to redo our bedroom.  I’m hating it the way it is now.  I never had a plan, I just slapped a too dark color on the wall and its gloomy and not fit for soon-to-be-newlyweds.

Blah bag of poopy green….Casey just finished the trim so here are some before afters of that.

See how close the chickens are to our bed – poor planning!


Trim – still need the closet doors…




Here’s the plan….

Back soon with the finals!  After I find the time….  Curtains are project 1 this weekend!



About The Neuzel Project

Neuzel is the combination of Neuman and Benzel. Now that Casey and I have been married for 3 years, we could probably be the Neuman Project, but I still love the time we were the Neuzels so it will remain.
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