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What’s Cooking?

Let us finally move inside to some before and afters – starting with the kitchen because I’m pants shitting excited about the fact we just purchased our new kitchen cabinets!  I have been patiently awaiting this day since I moved … Continue reading

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This is what happens when your busy admiring your work and don’t watch where you are going.  We aren’t always home improvement professionals.

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The Sistine Chapel of Shoreline

2 weekends, 6 brushes, 6 rollers, 7 gallons of paint, residual paint still streaking weird spots like my butt – how the hell do you get paint there?  The house has been painted!!  Almost.  There is still a back wall … Continue reading

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The Chicken Project

Valentines Day of last year I wanted my gift from Casey to be chickens.  Come April I finally got to bring home these four beauties.  Ruby, Pearl, Little Black and Little Red (may she rest in peace) Turns out, making … Continue reading

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A Pointer

When painting, prep is king!  Become friends with blue tape and PBR’s – then it becomes fun.  Excited for the final color at the end of the weekend?  Me too!  

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