Nursery Reveal

Even though I’m posting this as Levi is two months old, I did have the nursery completed before he made his debut.  We didn’t find out if our little babe was a boy or a girl so the nursery is pretty neutral.  Which I would have done regardless of the gender.  After he was born, Casey had to man it up with a picture of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and a model airplane he built.  I guess I had to concede  on a couple things since I chose everything else.

Don’t mind the lovely view of the garbage cans…

DSC_0043DSC_0045I made the mobile out of a few sheets of felt.  Fun little pregnancy project.

DSC_0046DSC_0049He hasn’t said much yet, but I’m pretty sure Levi loves it!  He’s been logging some long hours in there at night, so I’m going to take that as he’s happy.




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It’s a Boy!

Turns out I never got to that 40 week post where I’d complain about how over being pregnant I was.  At 38 weeks I was still perfectly content being pregnant and loved almost every minute of it.  Sure there were the aches and pains, but the smiles, kicks, and big round belly made up for that.


Labor just started – 2/4

I joked with family, friends and co-workers that I was fine with our little surprise coming anytime after the Superbowl (even though the due date was 2/4).  I couldn’t handle the thought of missing the game and being in labor while trying to watch a football game could have been too much for even a die hard football fan.  So he obliged, staying in for the dominating victory the Seahawks had over the Denver Broncos.  All the screaming and jumping must have gotten him curious as to what all the fuss was on the outside though because the next evening while vacuuming the house my water broke.  In our birth class the teacher joked about women who mistakenly head to the hospital after peeing their pants thinking it was a water-breaking situation.  Having peed my pants on multiple occasions during this pregnancy I was a little hesitant to cry “my water broke!”  But this was extreme –  like down the leg, on the floor, fill the slippers water breaking situation.  Not the normal pregnant sneeze and pee the pants.  Just to be sure though, I had Casey smell it.  It was go time.

Casey was hilarious.  He jumped into action like the house was on fire and was extremely frustrated I didn’t yet have a bag packed.  I on the other hand grabbed my laptop and finished up some last minute work stuff.   We called the midwife and she told us what I expected, get some sleep because tomorrow could be an exciting day!  So, we went to bed.   The next day I still hadn’t felt any contractions so we headed out to power walk around the neighborhood.  By the time we got back I was feeling some mild contractions but nothing that would stop me from making my baby’s very first birthday cake!


Happy Birthday little one!

Throughout the day the contractions picked up and by 3pm we were headed to the birth center.  Once we got there and I was checked out were were told to hit the road and take a walk.  I’m sure they had their reasons (like one more appointment for the day?)  but it was damn cold outside!  We only made it a quarter of a mile in 40 minutes and we were frozen solid, but it was a pretty hilarious walk thinking of the passerbyers witnessing this.


Coping with contractions on Totem Lake Way

Once we were back in the warmth of the Birth Center we were checked in and ready for the long haul.  My birth squad included Kelly, my amazing friend and doula, Mom, Inga and of course Casey.  Everyone was incredible!  It must have been hard for all of them to see me in pain, but they remained calm and supportive through the entire labor which gave me the confidence to keep on going.

Going the natural route is something else.  I was clear headed though the entire process.  Even when I seemed completely out of my mind (I had some unusual chanting coping techniques) I can remember every stage of the labor.  I do recall thinking in the midst of labor – this is crazy, why would anyone voluntarily do this?  But being on the other side, I’m very glad I did it and would do it again in a heart beat.  My decision give birth naturally made me feel strong and proud being able to dig that deep within myself.   I’ll save all the gruesome details for anyone who wants to verbally hear it, but I’ll say you loose all modesty and humility while giving birth.  The people in that room saw some gross shit, but not one batted an eye.

After 12 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing at 12:52 on February 5th,  I heard Casey yell IT’S A BOY!  They slid our little man with his enormous cone-head under my legs (I was on all fours) and I haven’t stopped staring at him since.  

image (6)

Happy Birthday Levi

At the birth center they  clean you up and send you on your way quickly.  We were home and sleeping in our own bed by 4am, a mere 3 hours later.  We waited a few days to name him, wanting to get to know him before we made a decision.  We decided Levi James Neuman fit him just perfectly!

image (4)

This is Levi’s milk drunk face.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside Shower

These wonderful ladies got together and threw me the most lovely shower.  I am so lucky to have them all in my life and can’t thank them enough!



Theme was Baby It’s Cold Outside, but it wasn’t.  It was actually a beautifully sunny January day.  And look at all the pregnant ladies that were in attendance!



It was a crowded house full of friends and family all excited to welcome our little un-named, surprise gender-ed babe into this world.

DSC_0024 DSC_0030 DSC_0033 DSC_0034 DSC_0035 DSC_0071 DSC_0073 DSC_0074



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35 Weeks


How far along - 35 Weeks – Can’t believe how fast this is going.
Weight Gain - 30 the last time I looked at the scale…we’re not friends anymore so I don’t really go around there anymore.
Maternity Clothes -  Getting a little bored of the same ole looks, but I don’t want to buy more with only 5 weeks to go.
Missing - A night out with the girls!
Fun Moments - Birthing classes are awesome, love learning about how amazing our lady bodies are.  Holidays were great – but hard not to get excited about next year with a little one.  I also had an amazing shower last weekend that my friends and mom’s really outdid themselves on.  Post about that soon.
Food Cravings - All food, I don’t discriminate.
Symptoms - My fingers and feet have started to swell.  Farewell wedding ring :( My fingers are sore all the time.  “Allegedly” I snore now as well, so poor Casey makes his way to the couch on some nights.  I guess it gets really bad….sorry hun!
Working out - I go on long walks which usually start some contractions.  Could be a good sign for the end?
Movement - I can feel what things are now.  Movements are still pretty gentle though.  I always imagined major kicks and punches.  We must have a polite baby.
Gender - Still no clue.
Names - Nothing!  We’ve come to the realization that this lil stinker will probably come home nameless.  But that’s okay, you have a year in Washington to name your baby!
Fears - Nuthin’ really.  I’m surprised labor/birth hasn’t got me scared yet but perhaps I’m just in denial….


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Oh, 2013 you were fun.  Now get the hell out and make room for 2014.



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30 Weeks


How far along - 30 Weeks – Turned 30 weeks on Apple Cup (which the Cougs couldn’t pull out for me) so I felt it necessary to stretch out the Coug sweatshirt.
Weight Gain - 22 Pounds, and that can’t all be baby.
Maternity Clothes -  Outgrowing them rapidly.  This belly is just sticking straight out so there is constantly a two-three inch section of bare belly hanging out.
Missing - Easily putting on socks or shoes.
Fun Moments - We start our birthing class today, we’re both pretty excited for that.  Also loving the fact that some of my very best friends are pregnant too.  Getting to be in the same boat as them is great!


Shan and I cutting down Christmas trees in White Pass. Great holiday tradition with the Bolts!

Food Cravings - Food, and always thirsty.
Symptoms - Sore upper back, restless legs.  Afternoon naps are back as well.
Working out - Almost non existent these days.  Long walks are about it.
Movement - Constant.  And now starting to see it on the outside.  Sometimes the bulge gets in some pretty alien looking shapes when the little thing is changing positions.
Gender - No clue – but most people vote boy by the look of the belly
Names - At this point it will be unnamed when it arrives.
Fears - Not many.  I’m expecting to get scared about delivery soon, but oddly it’s still not happening yet.  Denial?

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Last year the holiday season felt as though it was glossed over because of wedding chaos in October and our honeymoon in December.  So this year is feels extra special and long-awaited. 

We hosted our annual Friendsgiving feast again and it couldn’t have been a better kick off to the holidays.  We went big this year by removing pretty much all the furniture in our house to create this massive table and borrowing lots of chairs.  BYOC.  


Despite the look of this picture – I swear it wasn’t all men – there are women squeezed in between hidden from view.

Twenty of our closest friends crammed into 1,000 square feet with 3 pregnant ladies meant lots of bumping and squeezing around each other, but it made it all the cozier.  I really love this group of people.   

The menu was fantastic.



Casey  deep fried the birdies this year.  Very scrumptious!  Shout out to Howard B for letting us use all his brand new fryer equipment before he could this coming Thursday!  It also lured the men outside to watch the action which cleared some space in the house. 



Live piano music courtesy of CJ and Lucas was amazing! 



And of course the cutest girl in the whole wide world!! 


Great, great night! 

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